All fees are per person and are GST inclusive.

Attach offer a free 15min chat to determine

what services or programs may benefit your situation.

Initial Intake meeting $225

Non-Directed Child Play Therapy (Humanistic) $150

Learn to Play $150.

Filial (Parent/Child) Therapy $150 per session. 

Autplay $150

Parents Learn to Play

7-week program $280

12-week program $480


If your NDIS plan is either plan-managed or self-managed, you can claim your fees through your plan funding. This includes Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) funding. Rate is $193.99.    

DFFH and CSO’s 

All interventions $180 per session

Please note: Fees cannot be claimed via Medicare or Private Health Insurance. 

Initial Intake meeting $180

Counselling $150

Carer Coaching individual sessions $150

DFFH and CSO’s 

All interventions $180 per session

No rebates available (mental health plans, private health insurance, Medicare). 

Referral origins can be self, private sector, Community Service Organisations, or other.  

*Trust-Based Relational Intervention® Caregiver Training:  Introduction and Overview

A full day workshop to support anyone living with or working with children and young people with difficult histories – $200. 

*The Importance of Play

An experientially based workshop for anyone wanting to build a ‘play toolkit’- $120

*Play Games and Activities which Engage

90 min workshop- $100 

*Supporting children in Co-Parenting Arrangements

A workshop for parents struggling with transitioning children between houses in co-parenting arrangements- $100

Please note all workshops are kept small (10-12) to target support and meet the needs of the attendees. 

At Attach there are a variety of assessments individuals and Organisations can access.   

Attachment Style Interview (ASI)

Interview, transcription, scoring, quality cross-checked: $1400 

Parenting Role Interview (PRI)

Interview, transcription, scoring, quality cross-checked:

One parent or carer $500

Two parents or carers $900

 Marschak Interaction Method Assessment (MIM) 

Administration and interpretation- one parent $300

Administration and interpretation- two parents $550  

Reports and Recommendations– $600.   

Assessments cannot be booked through the booking function. 

All assessment bookings must be booked directly through Attach to allow adequate time. 

Please contact admin@attachtherapy.com.au