Why Attach?

Attach offers a safe and nurturing environment where children and young people feel supported to start making sense of difficulties and begin to build strong and trusting relationships.  We believe all children and young people are precious, and with nurture and connection, everyone has capacity to overcome adversities. 

What is Play Therapy?

Play is children’s natural or innate way of communicating with and without words, expressing self, and exploring their thoughts and feelings.   

When children struggle to articulate their inner thoughts and feelings about their external worlds, Play Therapy, an evidence-based approach, provides children with a safe environment where they can process subconscious thoughts and feelings without the added pressure to articulate. 

Through play, we are privileged to enter the child’s world and can then begin to understand how they might see and feel about their world, and their difficulties. Play therapy provides each child with a safe and supportive environment to play out their experience, process difficulties, and to heal. 


"We are never more fully alive, more completely ourselves, or more deeply engrossed in anything than when we are playing."

About Kelly

Kelly is a Registered Play Therapist and Child and Parent/Carer Coach with extensive experience working with children, young people, parents and carers. She has sound knowledge of complex developmental trauma and its impact on brain, body, beliefs and behaviours for children, families, and generations and is passionate about meeting the need.


Kelly's primary degrees in teaching and psychology formed the foundation for her postgraduate studies in counselling, play therapy and autism. She considers herself a ‘forever student’ building her knowledge through current research and practice.


Kelly's passion is seeing children and families thrive. She understands the importance of providing voice and listening to individual needs, working with strengths, and believes everyone has capacity to overcome adversities if provided a safe and nurturing environment.


With over three decades of experience working in private, not-for-profit and government sectors Kelly has worked directly with children, young people and adults. Kelly work is systemic, considering whole family, and she has extensive experience with trauma, coaching/training, and neurodivergence.


Kelly believes trusting relationships are at the heart of connection and healing. She believes in transparency and collaboration and has faith in the relationship. She has built trusting professional relationships locally, across Australia, the UK and USA.

Our Services

Play Therapy

Play is universal in children. It is essential for promoting normal child development and has therapeutic powers for improving development, processing internal and external worlds, and healing...

Coaching and Counselling

At Attach we help unpack, issues, work through difficulties and equip you with strategies to move forward in your relationship with self, with others....

Parenting Programs

With extensive experience supporting parents and carers, Attach, work with a non-judgmental framework to nurture and build capacity in parents and carers to connect and manage behaviours ...


Underpinned by Trust-Based Relational Intervention®, Attach, work with children, young people and adults who come from difficult histories. We work with individuals and alongside educational facilities to promote healing and support staff with evidence-based trauma responses...


Attach use various assessments to appropriately support client need. We support the Law Courts, Organisations and others when difficult decisions regarding suitability of care is needed through objective, evidence-based and valid assessments, tools and reports...